Wednesday, October 19, 2005

80 Super Security Tips

Whether your PC is 3 years or 3 days old, it faces the same, sometimes scary security issues. Viruses want to attack your system the moment it goes online, spyware is piggybacking with your mail and trying to slide in along with online ads, Trojans lay in wait at every turn and Phish—perhaps the sneakiest attack of all—smile at you while trying to steal your identity.
There are ways out of this mess. These tips can show you what to do, help you better understand the threats and be ready with a plan of counter attack.
It's time to take back your computing life.
Begin perusing our security tips library!
Ads Masquerading As Security Warnings
Advanced Windows Tools Expose All
Anonymize Your Domain Registrations
Avoid Deals Too Good to Be True
Back up System State in Windows 2000
Backing up your Windows Registry
Be careful at public Wi-Fi hotspots
Be careful when reading online mailing list archives
Beware of Rogue Antispyware and Antipop-up products
Block known spyware sites
Browser Hijacks and You
Buy password-cracking software
Change The Privileges Of An Application
Change Your Internet Explorer Layout
Changing Antivirus Protection
Check files safely
Clean up that Boot
Close Windows Messenger Service Hole
Command the Windows Firewall From the Command Line
Debug Websites With Microsoft's Fiddler Powertoy
Disable Windows XP and Me system restore
Don't Sweat The Fragments
Don't attract spam by replying to it
Don't fall for Cyber protection racketeers
Don't fall for fake No Spam lists
Don't get bluesnarfed
Don't get scammed by Online Job offers
Don't open undeliverable messages
Fix Your Hosts File
Free Antivirus Resources
Get A Personal Digital Certificate
Get AOL Not To Block Your Mail
Get Better Security Zone control of My Computer
Get Firefox Nightly Builds
Get help from volunteer forums
How to fix a broken internet connection
How to recognize a browser hijack
Install a pop-up blocker
Install The Updated Netcraft Toolbar
Install the Windows Recovery Console
Intro To Phishing
Investigate That Mystery Executable
Keep it safe on the road
Keep status bar showing
Lock Your Domain Registrations
Log off AIM when visiting other machines
Make a BartPE Boot Disk
Making IE more secure
Migrate To WPA For Better Wireless Security
Opening ports in the Windows Firewall for broken applications
Opening Ports in XP Service Pack 2
Outlook Attachment Security
Playing it safe on eBay and other auctions
Removing/Blocking MyDoom
RunAs adjusts your privileges
Safe Kiosk Computer Usage
Scan Your Network For Vulnerabilities
Setup Limited Users in Windows XP
Setting Up a New Computer the Safe Way
Setting up trusted sites in IE
Slipstreaming Updates into an XP Install
Starting your PC in Safe Mode
Submit Virus Samples To 17 Different Scanning Engines
Support your candidate, not scammers
Turn off your PC at Night
Turning off Outlook's auto-www
Unhide file extensions
Unplug that modem
Update gift PC's
Use Passphrases, Not Passwords
Use System Restore
Use TCP Port 587 For Mail Submission
Use the WinZIP Virus Scanning Feature
Using stronger passwords
Using the XP Firewall
Web site security - know who you are doing business with
What the heck is that file?
When your antivirus or spyware scanner say's it can't fix a file
Wipe data for good
Wireless router security


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